LipiVage® System

Autologous Fat Transfer

Lipivage Autologous Fat Transfer

Your patient’s fat is the only
all-natural, permanent filler…
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Lipivage Autologous Fat Transfer

The LipiVage® System is a patented disposable, medical device created to make fat transfer procedures simpler for the physician and their staff, and to satisfy the need for an office-based technique. LipiVage® improves upon traditional fat transfer methods. There is no longer a need to centrifuge, decant or expose fat cells to unnecessary handling. LipiVage® provides the physician with a simple to use tool that helps to ensure a lasting result. LipiVage® is gentle on cells, time saving, and simple to use.

LipiVage® is designed to yield better fat harvesting results over traditional fat transfer harvesting methods by reducing and/or eliminating:

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How the LipiVage® System works:
The innovative device harvests autologous fat cells at a low vacuum level significantly gentler than current methods. Fat cells collect in the patent-pending harvester, a sterile filtration chamber enclosed within the LipiVage® device. Once inside, the fat is gently cleaned and concentrated by the low vacuum and filter. Unwanted fluids pass through the fat and filter, and out into an attached waste canister. The end result yields intact, viable, concentrated fat cells, immediately ready for re-injection.

LipiVage® Prepares Fat Cells for Lasting Results:

LipiVage® is the ideal tool for harvesting the ideal filler.

Many agree that fat is the ideal dermal filler. It is natural, readily available in large volume and can provide permanent results. However, until now, fat harvesting has required relatively difficult, inefficient and time-consuming methods. In addition, traditional methods of processing fat may have been detrimental to cell viability and lasting results.

LipiVage® was specifically created for harvesting fat simply, quickly and gently…giving fat a better chance for survival and saving you a significant amount of operative time.

Harvesting A Better Way
LipiVage® is a new product and better way to harvest fat. Provided with the security and convenience of a sterile packaged device, LipiVage® is the first product to provide an alternative to the potentially harmful processes currently used to harvest fat for augmentation purposes.

LipiVage® minimizes cell damage by gently harvesting fat at low vacuum levels. LipiVage® protects fat cells by sparing them from the damaging g-forces of centrifugation, a common method used to separate fat from fluids. LipiVage® saves time by separating and concentrating fat cells within the device, while the user is harvesting. LipiVage® also gently and efficiently concentrates the fat cells as compared to the gravity decanting method of cell separation, allowing the graft to be prepared for re-injection in as little as 2-3 minutes.

Centrifuging after a harvest is no longer necessary. Pouring off oil and wicking the fluids afterwards is also unnecessary. Harvested fat is ready to transfer and inject immediately. LipiVage® improves the quality and simplifies the process of fat harvesting using just one LipiVage® device compared to requiring multiple sterile syringes for the traditional harvest technique.

How LipiVage® Works
The tubing set attached to the LipiVage® Harvester is connected to an aspirator and the vacuum level is set to approximately 60% of its capacity, ensuring a gentle vacuum. The transfer adapter is removed and the recommended aspiration cannula is attached. Fat is harvested for approximately one minute and then fluids are drained for a few seconds. Fat is then transferred into injection syringes using the transfer adapter supplied. Harvesting steps are repeated for additional fat if needed. The filter is simply rinsed for a few seconds and the plunger tip is used to wipe the inner walls of the filter clean in between harvests.

Fat cells collect in the filter chamber suspended within the harvester body. Fat cells are gently pulled toward the inner walls of the filter and collect along the length of the front of the blue plunger tip, while fluids wash through.

Wash and Concentrate
Once inside, the fat is gently cleaned by the accompanying tumescent fluid. Fluid and oils pass through the fat and the filter walls and are then carried to the waste receptacle via the tubing set. Due to the low vacuum levels, there is very little oil present to begin with because fewer fat cells are damaged during harvesting.

Optional Lavage or Washing Capability
LipiVage® can also be used in conjunction with a preferred protein, insulin, or growth factor enriched solution to gently lavage the harvested fat cells within the LipiVage® device.

After fluids are drained, the concentrated and cleaned fat is immediately ready for injection. The unique LipiVage® plunger tip design gently wipes the fat from the inner filter walls and transfers the fat as the plunger is pushed forward gradually.

LipiVage® is available in the Standard and High Volume sizes. You can expect to harvest approximately 8-10 CCs of viable fat per harvest with the standard size and approximately 20-25 CCs per harvest with the High Volume size. The standard size is typically used in facial and hand procedures and the High Volume size is used in larger body procedures.

LipiVage® Aspiration and Harvest System
The LipiVage® Aspiration and Harvest System is ideal for use in an in-office or operating room setting. Precise vacuum control allows the aspirator to be used with the Standard and High Volume LipiVage® Fat Harvest, Wash and Transfer Systems.

The LipiVage® aspirator is a great compliment to the LipiVage® system.

Making your life easier and your patients happier, LipiVage®.